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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

SQUALL PRESS, the publishing division of FileHeads, is pleased to announce Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What to Do When Information, Interruption, Work and Stuff are Endless But Time is Not!
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We Are All Time Managers…

We Are All Time Managers Teleclass
Wednesday April 23, 2014, 8pm – 9pm ET            Price: $79.00

Demands on our time: commitments, tasks, projects and to-do’s come at us in all directions, with ever-increasing speed and volume while time to get things done seems to be shrinking. Old time management skills just don’t cut it. Our productivity (and sanity!) depends on adopting some new time management skills. One of these skills is marring task management and time management. In this class, you’ll learn to recognize the many opportunities throughout the day to close the gap between task and time so that you can experience, in ways you may never have before; progress, accomplishment and closure in your life. You’ll learn innovative and effective ways to capture time demands, and the next-generation of prioritization skills called ‘triage’. (For those in the organizing trade, these new time management skills can be directly transferred to your clients, increasing your service offerings, and enhancing your unique value.)

** Classes are recorded. Registrants have access to mp3 audio recordings of each class in case you miss one!

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Organizing in the Era of Endless, 4 Teleclass Series

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