Judith Kolberg has been invited to conduct a course for China Professional Life Organizing in Bejing (PLO). Course and date TBA.

Kolberg will present at the Seoul, Korea conference of the Korea Association of Professional Organizers. Presentation title and date to be announced.

SaneBrains, a podcast for those who think and organize differently or who are chronically disorganized led by Judith Kolberg and Maureen Nolan is ready for easy listening
SaneBrains: A Podcast with Maureen Nolan, LPAC and Judith Kolberg

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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

SQUALL PRESS, the publishing division of FileHeads, is pleased to announce Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What to Do When Information, Interruption, Work and Stuff are Endless But Time is Not!
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New Teleclass Series

Judith Kolberg’s “Getting Organized in the Era of Endless” Teleclass Series

Judith Kolberg, the organizing industry’s ‘thought-leader’, is proud to announce a teleclass series open to the public. The classes provide breakthrough advice for getting organized when information, stuff, time demands, and distractions are endless but time is not. In our 24/7 world, old school organizing advice just won’t cut it.

Even if you have heard Kolberg on this subject before, you won’t want to miss this series. You will learn strategies and tactics to use for yourself, and with clients if you are a coach or organizer.
These classes are suitable for:

  • Professionals (organizers, productivity specialists, coaches, counselors, and educators) who can use these strategies with others.
  • Individuals who are looking for a way out of disorganization
  • Parents of tweens and teens who want a well-rounded digital/non-digital life for their kids (and who want to be better role models!)

Classes are recorded. Registrants have access to mp3 audio recordings of each class in case you miss one!

Topics and Dates:

Wednesday March 19, 2014,  8pm – 9pm ET

Hear the latest science discoveries about why information turns us on and makes us seek even more, and how to combat the compulsion. You will get strategies for filtering information and how to determine when enough is enough, and how to implement stopping points.
For organizers, coaches, psychologists:  assessing and addressing information turn-on can be directly transferred to your clients, increasing your service offerings, and enhancing your unique value.

Thursday March 20, 2014, 8pm – 9pm ET

We are wirelessly tethered 24/7 to family, friends, fans, co-workers, customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, and strangers, blurring the line between work-life and home-life. Learn how to balance digital activities with non-digital activities with a Family or Personal Technology Policy.

For organizers, coaches, psychologists: creating a family technology policy can be directly transferred to your clients, increasing your service offerings, and enhancing your unique value.

Thursday April 17, 2014, 8pm – 9pm ET

What happens to your internet digital life when you die?  How will your loved ones manage your digital assets such as online accounts, email accounts, Facebook pages, domain names, a website, and other digital assets. Learn about information afterlife, the risk to your information, how to protect it and how to create your own personal digital estate plan.

For organizers, coaches, psychologists: Creating a digital estate plan can be directly transferred to your clients, increasing your service offerings, and enhancing your unique value.

Wednesday April 23, 2014, 8pm – 9pm ET

Old time management skills just don’t cut it anymore. Learn to perform ‘triage’ on your commitments, projects, and to-dos. In this class, you’ll learn innovative and effective ways to capture time demands, and the next-generation of prioritization skills.
For organizers, coaches, psychologists: these new time management skills can be directly transferred to your clients, increasing your service offerings, and enhancing your unique value.

♦ Classes are sponsored by FileHeads Professional Organizers and the Georgia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers.
♦ These one-hour classes are designed to be CEU-eligible.  Each class includes a generous Q/A session, downloadable handouts, attendance either by phone or Internet,  and a certificate of attendance.
Classes are recorded. Registrants have access to mp3 audio recordings of each class in case you miss one.

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At only $79.00 per class, there is no reason not to attend. Judith Kolberg's Organizing in the Era of Endless book and teleclass series

Register for all classes $300
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••• Special gift: Those who register for all four classes will receive a complimentary digital copy of Judith Kolberg’s book, Organizing in the Era of Endless.

About our presenter Judith Kolberg

Judith KolbergJudith Kolberg pioneered the field of organizing in 1989 when it was still an obscure profession. As she worked with more and more clients, she found many had trouble implementing traditional organizing techniques, and founded the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, now the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD). She is credited with launching an entire field of professional organizing specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of individuals who are challenged by chronic disorganization. Her contribution to the field prompted the ICD to create the Judith Kolberg Award (and she is not even dead yet!)

Twenty years later, her business FileHeads continues to specialize with chronically disorganized people in the business environment. Respected by her peers for her innovative organizing ideas and an ability to forecast organizing trends, Judith is the recipient of the industry’s highest honors including the prestigious Founder’s Award from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Highlighter Award from the NSGCD/ICD. Her contribution to the inaugural organizers’ certification program earned her the President’s Award, and she is a former president of the GA chapter of NAPO.

Kolberg has authored 6 books  and numerous special reports on organizing. Select books are recommended reading by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers or required by select ICD certification/certificate programs. In all, her books have sold a quarter of million copies in the US, England, Korea, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA where she takes good care of her Mom, continues to see clients, writes, publishes, and blogs.

Register for all classes $300
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Any questions, please contact our Teleclass Techie, Allison Carter, at, or call (678) 439-8866