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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

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Digital Estate Planning

How safe are your digital assets?  If you suddenly died or became incapacitated, would your family or authorized representative know what intangible online and “invisible” web-based accounts you have?  Would they know where to find them?  Would they know the passwords?

We work right at your side or via Skype to help you create a personal Digital Estate Plan. A Digital Estate Plan  is a step-by-step plan for securing so many things we take for granted — social media accounts, passwords, automatic deposits and payments, electronic banking authorizations and much more. A Digital Estate Plan:

  • Provides for the safe transference of passwords, user codes and other log-in information to your Executor or other authorized representative.
  • Creates a “paper trail” for online or web-based accounts that have no statements or paper trail.
  • Accounts for digital assets that might be overlooked by your estate.
  • Records your wishes regarding social media, protecting you from unauthorized access by identity thieves and other digital mischief-makers.
  • Centralizes all your digital information in one place.

The Digital Estate Plan is essential for:

  • Prudent baby boomers who understand the Digital Age poses special challenges for planning their estate
  • Adult children of senior citizens who want to be well-informed about comprehensive estate planning for their parents
  • Members of the financial and legal community responsible for the estate planning of others
  • Digital natives and millennials with assets, accounts, and information stored on the web
  • Professional Organizers who want to extend their service offerings

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