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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

SQUALL PRESS, the publishing division of FileHeads, is pleased to announce Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What to Do When Information, Interruption, Work and Stuff are Endless But Time is Not!
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About Fileheads

FileHeads Professional Organizers is dedicated to the client who is challenged by disorganization, the person who organizes unconventionally, and people who require innovative organizing systems. Judith Kolberg, Chief Organizer, started FileHeads and the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (now the Institute for Challenging Disorganization) in 1989 and shortly afterwards wrote the ground-breaking book, Conquering Chronic Disorganization. Since then, FileHeads has helped to organize tens of thousands of people, Judith has gone on to receive the field’s highest honors, and her books about organization/disorganization are required or recommended reading for industry certifications. FileHeads field-tested, innovative organizing techniques have benefitted chronically disorganized individuals, adults with ADD, people who hoard, “right-brain” creative folks, and others who find getting and staying organized challenging. How do we do it? “Our clients are our best source for solutions. We ask the right questions, find out the obstacles, and collaborate and create organizing solutions that work. Are they unorthodox? Often; because sometimes disorganization is due to a bad fit between conventional organizing methods and people who need something different”, notes Judith Kolberg. This philosophy continues to guide FileHeads.