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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

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Getting Organized? No. Creating? Yes!

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“Getting organized”….just the sound of it can sound daunting. What’s worse: dusty new piles of stuff you probably don’t know what to do with, pulled out of your closet that might take you hours to sort through, or your closet stuffed to the max that at least has a visual familiarity to you? Put that way, it probably doesn’t make much sense to get that closet organized.

Too often organizing is thought of as what you will lose – your stuff, time you could be spending on something else, familiarity, etc. But if you think of getting organizing as a creative process rather than a disruptive process, it changes the terms of the problem.

  • Think of yourself as creating jobs. Donate that stuff to Goodwill and the income goes to job-creation programs for poor youth.
  • Give those cool craft items to your local elementary school and you’ll create fun for kids, relief for an art teacher pinched on supplies, and goodwill as a community member.
  • Creating a little cash by having a yard sale could mean the difference between a dollar menu dinner and sitting down at a restaurant.
  • And who couldn’t possibly use the creation of a tax-write off.
  • Create a reputation as a “giver”, as a generous person who passes on items of value to others with no strings attached (i.e. you can’t get miffed if they turn around and give that item away.)
  • Create space – lovely, clear, unmitigated space.

I promise you if you pull everything out of your closet you will experience a period of deconstruction and a bit of confusion. It’s normal for things to get more disorganized before you pass through creation and onto organization. Just knowing that in advance can be a big help. If you hire a professional organizer to help, they’ll keep you motivated, help you make a plan for getting rid of stuff you don’t want, support you in your decision-making process, and some of them will even cart stuff away in their vehicle so you can have that deep out-of-sight, out-of-mind satisfying feeling you so deserve.

Organizing as a Creative Process In the Office

The benefits of organizing as a creative process pays off big time in the office. When you organize your office, you create:

  • a true picture of the active, incomplete work that needs to be finished
  • a better estimate of the time it will take to do the work that’s been hidden by clutter
  • recapturing time that might otherwise be lost looking for missing papers
  • cost-effective use of your office space
  • the security of knowing sensitive information is not just lying around
  • more welcome place for co-workers and clients
  • a productive environment for administrative assistants, team members and others
  • a green reputation as you trot pounds of paper to the recycling bin
  • grateful co-workers who will thank you for finally returning things to them
  • filing…okay so maybe that’s not such a good outcome, but hey it’s better than not knowing where anything is!
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