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Getting Organized in the Era of Endless

SQUALL PRESS, the publishing division of FileHeads, is pleased to announce Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What to Do When Information, Interruption, Work and Stuff are Endless But Time is Not!
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Digital Estate PlanningDEP-LOGO-2017

How safe are your digital assets? If you suddenly died or became incapacitated, would your family or authorized representative know what intangible online and “invisible” web-based accounts you have? Would they know where to find them? Would they know the passwords? Click here

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Executor’s Best Friend

The Executor’s Best Friend is like having an onsite project manager, complete with a supervised crew, to handle the decluttering of a large, complex Estate. After the death of a person who is a hoarder, an excessive saver, or a collector gone awry, the sheer quantity of possessions, clutter and trash can be overwhelming for the family. Click here.

Business Organizing and Time Management

The paperless office?! Are you kidding me? Sort the “good stuff” from the “excess”, find what you need, get more things done, make the best use of technology, plan and implement (what a concept!) huge projects, nagging complex tasks, and chores you disdain or find boring. We’ll show you how!

Chronic Disorganization and ADD

ADD Book Cover product_image_1_2
Do you organize and then the disorganization comes back?! Are you an adult with ADD or suspect you are ADDish? Innovative organizing techniques are the solution for ending the clutter and getting things done.


Who doesn’t want to be more organized? Kolberg’s presentations are funny, instructive, and cutting-edge. Perfect for meetings, programs, trainings and professional development in either keynote or seminar formats.

product_image_5_8Disaster Preparedness

Being organized is at the heart of being disaster prepared. If you’re like most Americans you know you should prepare, but you haven’t. Times up! It’s easy when you know how.

books-mp3Books & Products

We encourage you to go the self-help route in confronting your disorganization. If you’ve tried conventional methods, its time for something new. Squall Press is the publishing arm of FileHeads where you’ll find books, MP3’s, and ebooks with the most innovative techniques in the industry.


 SaneBrains Podcast

SaneBrains is a series of podcasts on chronic disorganization by Judith Kolberg and Maureen Nolan. Maureen Nolan is a Neuro-Developmental Therapist and ADHD Coach. Judith Kolberg is an Organizational Professional. Together they discuss organizational challenges and the brain.